Friday, April 27, 2012

Quick Plan: List as many things on ebay as I can within 30 minutes or less

try to list as many things as I can on ebay with my ebay iphone app.  Setting timer.  30 minutes.

Unemployed Geek's Ebay Store

7 ITEMS, 26:29 remaining - Had 3 sticker packs listed, relisted my 4 ram chips.  Cheating, but the best I could come up with while the dogs were barking and ACDC was blaring.  Need a new song.

10 ITEMS,  2:50 remaining - Obviously listing new items and describing them takes longer than relisisting.  However, I am enjoying this, making progress and will continue for another half hour.

17 ITEMS,  +29:00 minutes - This does seem to take forever.  Think I listed some good things though.  Might make a few bucks.  Still trying to empty the bins though.

23 ITEMS,  +45:00 minutes - Starting to get tired of listing things, but there's still a few on my desk.  Don't know if this stuff is even worth listing.  Ah well.  Enough of this.  Bunch of good stuff listed.  Hope it all sells.  Done for now!  =>

Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Cleaning Sale Spectacular! (mainly books)

That's right, it's spring cleaning time again at my house and that can only mean one thing!  More books for sale!  That's right, we've got everything from old history books to old children's and young adult books (once actually read by me, yes that's right!).  Selling my entire collection of Phillip K. Dick books as I continue the migration toward the Kindle and an e-reading future.  But that doesn't mean it's too late for you to get in on some serious dead tree action.  Old books smell better, can be dropped in pools and never run out of batteries like their electronic counterparts.  You can even take them apart on road trips and leave parts of the book behind to lighten your load.  You can build forts out of paperback books (if you collect enough of them) and hardback books make great dominoes.  Great for airport reading and students too!  Everybody needs books! (I even have hundreds more that I can't bear to sell right now.)

If you've ever wanted to support Unemployed Geek and say, hey, you're doing a great job with your website, but you aren't the type of person who will give a donation without getting a free gift, now is your chance, because every single purchase helps support Thomas and comes with a "free" book of your choice! (or even more "free" books if you buy more than one!)  Everybody gets a book!  That could be you, choose a title from Unemployed Geek's extensive library and buy it now (supplies are limited)!  All books are priced to sell and that means cheeaaaaap! (you'll probably pay more for shipping than you do for the book, but that's the way things are these days.  Books are cheap and gas is expensive, you get it.) 

Hopefully later today I'll complete the second half of spring cleaning by listing everything else I found that I'm not using on eBay, but I don't want to count my chickens before they hatch.  More information to come...  Happy Spring Cleaning to everybody!  Get rid of that old stuff!  Get it into the hands of someone who will use it.  I hope my books all go to good homes, where they will be read and then treasured on a shelf as I have.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

UP - Jawbone's new fitness bracelet (technology I can't afford, but would love to try)

Read an article at Businessweek, that started out with an amazing story of a start-up being turned around by a meeting with Steve Jobs where he hate hate hated their product.  He pointed out every shortcut they took and tore their ideas to shreds.  It didn't discourage them.  They attacked their weaknesses and developed the incredible Jawbone headset (that works somehow by using the bones in your head instead of speakers.  I've only really tried them out and set them up for others, but they always sounded much better than the cheap bluetooth headsets I wore in the car.).  Well, they've now come out with a fitness bracelet called "UP".  It sounds incredibly interesting.  As I've recently been reading the 4 Hour Body by Tim Ferriss, (a book all about attempting to gain control of your fitness by first tracking it and then making small changes and then tracking those changes), the UP sounds like a perfect compliment to the kind of monitoring I've been trying to implement. 

 - It tracks your sleeping schedule and works as an alarm clock.  (I've been reading all about the various options for this and it seems like they're mainly alarm clocks that don't work and don't unite into a unified system.  I'm also interested in trying out polyphasic sleep and napping.  This seems like a great monitoring and reminding system for that alternative lifestyle.  I'd love it if they had pre-configured sleep schedules and could link it up with the bracelet to remind you to take a nap or wake from one.)

- It tracks your steps (Interesting, but I already do this with Runkeeper.  Bonuses would be wearing it all the time and getting more data)

- It links to an iphone program that can help you track your meals by taking pictures of them and presumably choosing the meal from a list to average the calories.  (I've done this a little through LoseIt! on the iphone, which doesn't take photos, but does track meals and I've taken photos myself as recommended in 4HB, but again to have them together in a unified system would be excellent.)

- It says you can wear it in the shower (but I don't think I will.  Not sure about that one.  Wouldn't want to break it.  I like long showers and hot water.)

- It has an alarm based system for inactivity (This sounds really interesting, especially for writers and other computer programmer type peoples who sit at their desks all day long.  A reminder to take a brief walk occasionally could be really helpful.  Especially if it tied into a notification update system, where your computer would thank you for walking and tell you how much you walked during your break, and would then graph and track the effectiveness of the brief walk reminder, eg: if there was a spike in the chart after each reminder or if there wasn't a spike)

The only thing it seems to lack is a weight monitor.  Presumably you could type it in and if the computer program asked you for the weight in the right way (similar to the amazing, which gives points for streaks and makes a game out of it), I guess I could track that in the unified system.  Maybe it works with the Withings Wifi scale (another fitness item I'd love to try, but can't afford).  Anyway it sounds like an amazing fitness product and a gateway into a unified body tracking system.  I'd love to try it..... 

Not only did I gush about the product on this blog, I also wrote the company and begged for a demo version.  Stay tuned to this exciting blog to find out what happens next!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I am organized, man

Organization is Cool

Everything is organized.  I gave away two bags of clothes, a bag of shoes and two bags of audio cds to the goodwill and have even gotten rid of my old computer cables and a few old desktop computers that were only taking up space.  I am no longer your go-to guy for five-year old dayquil.  I have just enough clothes for myself and if I don't wear it, I probably won't own it for long.  I even sorted my socks and got rid of a ton of those.  Sorted my bookcases and moved two of them into another room and started selling old books on amazon.  I am organized man.

Now I really have no excuses not to work on my projects.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

A quick Q&A with my parents

Q: Have you found a job yet?
A: No.  I spoke to you yesterday.  Nothing since then.

Q: Heard back on any state jobs?
A: No.  I have not heard back on any state jobs.

Q: Did you read the article about Discrimination against the Unemployed?
A: Yes, I read the article.

Q: Have you found a job yet?
A: No.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Unable to bake cookies, I hold a book sale instead! Book Sale!

Check out my book sale going now!  If you've ever thought about buying a used book, consider buying one from me!  Some of these books haven't even been read!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Enjoying my Google Software on Apple Devices

I'm having a real good time using Google Products on my Apple Devices.  I just started using Google Music Beta and I really might get into it.  I also like Docs, Tasks! and Voice.  But I do wonder... What would Google Software be like on Google Devices.  I hope one day to try out an Android Phone, Tablet and Chromebook.  It's going to be a great showdown between Google and Apple for the one login all data computer.  It sounds like Apple has it ready to go.  I wonder what Google's solution will be like.