Friday, April 27, 2012

Quick Plan: List as many things on ebay as I can within 30 minutes or less

try to list as many things as I can on ebay with my ebay iphone app.  Setting timer.  30 minutes.

Unemployed Geek's Ebay Store

7 ITEMS, 26:29 remaining - Had 3 sticker packs listed, relisted my 4 ram chips.  Cheating, but the best I could come up with while the dogs were barking and ACDC was blaring.  Need a new song.

10 ITEMS,  2:50 remaining - Obviously listing new items and describing them takes longer than relisisting.  However, I am enjoying this, making progress and will continue for another half hour.

17 ITEMS,  +29:00 minutes - This does seem to take forever.  Think I listed some good things though.  Might make a few bucks.  Still trying to empty the bins though.

23 ITEMS,  +45:00 minutes - Starting to get tired of listing things, but there's still a few on my desk.  Don't know if this stuff is even worth listing.  Ah well.  Enough of this.  Bunch of good stuff listed.  Hope it all sells.  Done for now!  =>

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