Thursday, June 30, 2011

Enjoying my Google Software on Apple Devices

I'm having a real good time using Google Products on my Apple Devices.  I just started using Google Music Beta and I really might get into it.  I also like Docs, Tasks! and Voice.  But I do wonder... What would Google Software be like on Google Devices.  I hope one day to try out an Android Phone, Tablet and Chromebook.  It's going to be a great showdown between Google and Apple for the one login all data computer.  It sounds like Apple has it ready to go.  I wonder what Google's solution will be like.


  1. I had the original Motorola Droid phone for two and a half years before switching to an iPhone 4S this past summer (and also an iPad). I can honestly say that Google Apps (such as Docs/Drive) does not work any better on an Android system than it does on an iPhone/iPad.

    It's frustrating because I really LOVE Google Docs/Drive. However, editing files on a mobile device is clumsy and not nearly as streamlined as working on a computer is.

    I do use and access my GMail and Google Calendar on my iPhone/iPad, and it all works very well, syncing across the various platforms. I'd like to see more of Calendar's features, but all of the basics are there.

    As mentioned in a Nitpicking Google article, Google Chrome on iPhone/iPad is fantastic. I love the syncing abilities with bookmarks, passwords, etc. It is an INCREDIBLE improvement over Safari. I'd like to see the Google products designed so they work together WELL, such as Docs. THIS would make the world a perfect place.

    1. I just read this morning on Google Blog, that the new version of Google Drive on iOS will allow editing! More and more it's my #1 choice for word proccessing because I never lose my files or forget what computer they're on. Mac OS is catching up, but I find the iCloud more annoying than useful so far, whereas Gdocs just makes so much sense. I just keep everything in there. at least I'm going to try to.

      Google Drive: Updates for iOS and Android

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